Book an Appointment

Most Tattoos require a consultation to book in first, over email or in person. However there are a few small favorites that you can book in for straight away to save you time.

If you are not sure what session to book, send Libby a message.

Chat with Libby about your ideas, you can also pay your deposit and book your session during this time together.


1 x palm sized rose tattoo in black and grey or colour


1 x mini coin sized tattoo e.g flower, bumble bee ect.


1 x palm sized feather tattoo, in black and grey or colour


1 x stretchmarks / scar treatment, Libby offers a microneedleing treatment for scars and stretch marks, stimulating collagen renewal helping reduce their appearance. This can improve the look of the scars and stretchmarks and can be used as a pre-tattoo treatment also.